Scream begins with a ring. Drew Barrymore's character, Casey Becker, answers the phone. The guy on the other end dialed the wrong number, but tries to instigate a flirtatious conversation with Casey, calling back after Casey let him go numerous times. Casey eventually indulges the guy, even lying and saying she doesn't have a boyfriend when he asks. The conversation turns hostile when the guy on the other end states he wants to know who he's “looking at,” and then corrects himself by saying “talking to.” Casey tries to get him off the phone, but is threatened and forced to play a game: Movie Trivia. Casey tries to resist, but is led to discover her boyfriend Steve tied to a chair on her patio, and is told to answer questions to save their lives.

Terrified Casey After answering a question about Friday the 13th wrong, Casey watches as Steve is gutted. She gets a bonus question to save her own life, and is asked which door the killer is at. Casey refuses to answer, and the killer comes in for her, dressed in a black costume with a white ghost face mask inspired by Edvard Munch's famous painting The Scream, and wielding a knife.

Casey tries to get away, but is chased down and stabbed in her chest and neck. Her parents drive up while she is being attacked, and she tries to scream out to her mom, but has lost her voice from being stabbed in the neck. Casey doesn't survive, and is stabbed, gutted, and hung to a tree by her entrails. In her final moments, Casey manages to do two amazing things: 1) she kicks Ghostface in the balls, and 2) she pulls his mask off to see who her killer is. The rest of us are left wondering throughout the rest of the movie.

Had Casey not refused to play the killer's game and answered his questions correctly, would Casey and Steve have been left alone? I don't think they would have been. Casey was an intended victim, probably chosen by Stu, her ex-boyfriend, and I think she was practice for Stu and Billy before they went after Sidney, their real target. Unfortunately for Casey, her death was predetermined and planned by the killers.

Casey's death was huge when the movie first came out in 1996. First of all, Drew Barrymore was the most well-known actress in the film, and was used on all of the film's promotional posters. No one expected her to die within the first ten minutes of the movie, and when she did, it gave the impression that no one was safe and anyone could die in Scream.

Aside from a big-name actress being offed in the first ten minutes of the film, Casey's death scene was incredibly unsettling and gruesome for its time. Her murder felt real, and with Barrymore being easily idenfiable, it was like watching everyone's worst fears come true. Anyone could have been in Casey's position, which is scary as crap.

The end of the first scene where Casey is hanging from a tree with her insides hanging out was almost too much in 1996, and director Wes Craven was forced to speed the shot showing her corpse up to minimize its time on screen.

Poor Casey.