This is where I think too much.

Who killed Casey?

We know there were two killers in Scream: Billy and Stu. We didn't find that out until the end of the movie, however, and throughout the rest of the movie we thought there was just one. Which one killed Casey?

I think they were both involved in Casey's death. It was their opening act, and I think they used Casey to practice before going after Sidney. Stu was likely the one who chose her as a victim, and in my opinion, he was the one in the Father Death costume who did the deed. When Casey pulled the mask off her killer, I think she had a look of recognition and shock. Stu and Casey had a romantic history, and she had hurt him by dumping him for Steve. Stu had every reason to want to be the one to kill her, and it would make the most sense since she recognized him.

I think Billy was who taunted her on the phone. My reasoning for this is that Billy was the one obsessed with life portraying a movie, and wanted to make a movie of his own. Casey talked with Ghostface about movies more than anyone else until Billy brought up life being one big movie to Sidney.

Additionally, the killer on the phone was hostile, aggressive, and short-tempered with Casey. We see those qualities in Billy at the movie store when he's talking to Randy.


Casey made a pretty cliche horror movie move on the night of her death when she went to the door and yelled "Who's there?" after being taunted. The killer called her out on it. She threatened to call the police without actually doing so. She let the killer outsmart her in his trivia game. One might argue that Casey made a lot of mistakes that led to her eventual death, and had she acted differently, she might have survived. I tend to disagree.

Casey yelling at the door contributed in no way to her death. Yes, it's a horror movie no-no, but Casey was already being taunted by her killer. It was pretty obvious at that time that the killer could see Casey, and so he already had his cat in the bag. He calling her out on it was just him taunting her more, trying to keep her scared, which was obviously fun to him.

I think the killer's movie trivia game made absolutely no difference in whether she'd live or die as well. Billy and Stu had already planned out this huge scheme, and Casey unfortunately was not the center of it. I think they would have killed Casey no matter what, because their main goal was to get to Sidney. Letting Casey live would have made Casey the star of their movie, not Sidney.

I think there were a couple things Casey could have done to survive, but even doing them, her chances of survival would have been slim. The first is actively defending herself. Instead of running, she should have fought back. She probably would have still died. There were two killers, and Casey was unaware of this fact. If she attacked one, the other would likely pop up and save him.

The second option would have been her best bet for safety, and that's running deep into her house to a secure area she could lock up. Had she done this, taken her phone with her, and called the police, she might have lived, or at least bought herself more time.

Casey was smarter than many Scream vicitims that came after her, and she did make an effort to escape.We have to remember Casey was caught off guard and terrified. She probably wasn't thinking as clearly as she could have, and no one can really say what they would do in a situation like that.