Casey Becker is the first character to appear onscreen or to speak in Scream. She dies within the first ten minutes of the film, which begs the question, why do I like her so much? Much credit can be paid to Drew Barrymore's acting skills and performance. She brought the character to life and made me feel something for Casey. A lot has be attributed to the film as well, though.

Scream Scream is a smart, witty, self-aware horror film series that plays with horror movie cliches and rules. Scream plays with the rules of a horror movie, Scream 2 plays with the rules of a sequel, Scream 3 plays with the rules of a concluding chapter in a trilogy, and Scream 4 plays with the rules of a film reboot. The series knows what is going on in the horror film genre, and pays homage to it in a way that leaves the viewer laughing just as much as it leaves the viewer feeling scared. Its characters feel like they are in a modern horror movie, and have to follow horror movie rules to survive.

Poor Casey didn't survive.

Although Casey was only in the film for ten minutes, a surprising amount of information is known about her. She was roughly 16 years of age. She was pretty and popular, and was dating a football player. She was genuinely nice and caring, which we saw at the beginning of her phone conversation with her killer. She liked horror movies.

Casey was in a lot of ways the quintessential slasher victim. She was young, pretty, alone in a big house... I think she's a lot more than that, though. Something about Casey Becker made her a horror film icon. I think it was a mixture of a lot of things: Barrymore's performance, the surprise and impact of a big actress dying so early in the film, the pathos viewers had with Casey, and the overall success of the film. Everything came together just right, and it was magic.