What's cool about Scream is that it is not afraid to reference or make fun of itself. Casey Becker's death scene was iconic not only in the Scream series, but in the horror genre, and it has been referenced and mirrored several times throughout the series. Let's look at some of those below.

Stab - Casey Becker

Stab CaseyIntroduced in Scream 2, Stab is a movie within the Scream series based on Gale Weathers' book about the Woodsboro murders that took place in the first Scream. Casey is played by Heather Graham, and is the first character to die in Stab. Heather's awful blonde wig is what gives her away as Casey. The taunting phone call and subsequent death scene are very similar to Casey Becker's, but it was almost like they were making fun of the original Casey. Knowing the tongue-in-cheek approach of making fun of the horror film genre in Scream, I'd be willing to bet they were. Casey's death scene was filled with ridiculous horror movie cliches, like her stripping down naked right before Ghostface called. And the dialogue. Good lord, the dialogue.

I don't even know you, and I despise you already.

Casey's death scene in Stab is used twice in the Scream series to distract other characters from noticing other, real murders taking place. Casey's screams covered up Maureen Evans being stabbed in Scream 2, and Gale Weathers being attacked in Scream 4.

Casey was stabbed and hung from a tree in Stab just like Casey was in Scream.

Scream 2 Cici Cooper

Cici Cooper Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cici shared many liknesses with Casey Becker. First off, they had an obvious likeness in appearance. Both were young, attractive girls with short blonde hair. Second, they shared a name. Cici was short for Casey. Cici's name made her a victim, as she was selected to represent Casey by the killers in a copycat recreation of the original Woodsboro murders. And finally, there is her death scene.

Just looking at Cici at the time of her death makes me think of Casey Becker. She was wearing a sweater like Casey, and look at that cordless phone in her hand. The killer called and taunted Cici before killing her, much like he did Casey. There was also an elaborate chase scene before Cici was stabbed and thrown off her balcony, although Cici's death was over a lot more quickly than Casey's.

An important tidbit - Both girls were fans of film. Cici is seen in Randy's film class, where she speaks out in a debate about sequels.

Scream 3 - Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling Sarah Darling is a stretch at best to compare to Casey, but I think she's worth exploring for her similarities in her death and appearance, and for the role she was to play in Stab 3. Her short blonde hair immediately made me think of Casey Becker. How she was taunted on the phone by the killer before she was stabbed invites comparisons.

Although Sarah was the third to die in Scream 3, Candy, the character she was going to play, died second like Casey did in Scream. Sarah even mentioned how Candy's boyfriend had just died, and in Scream, Casey's boyfriend Steve was killed first.

Even more interesting is that Sarah was to start her scene naked, in the bathroom, like Stab Casey.

I don't think Sarah Darling was intended to pay homage to Casey Becker, and their similarities are probably coincidental at best. You have to admit their similarities are interesting, though.

Scream 4 - Kirby Reed

I spent a lot of time thinking about which character was most like Casey in Scream 4. At first I thought about Marnie Cooper and Jenny Randall, the first two girls killed in Scream 4. I didn't like it, though. Aside from them being blonde, pretty, big-breasted, and dying first, there really weren't many similarities. Marnie didn't even like scary movies, and that was an essential part of Casey's character.

Kirby Reed The character I've decided is the mirror of Casey Becker in Scream 4 is Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere. I know Kirby was a main character in this installment, and got more character development than Casey did, but hear me out. This makes sense, I promise.

Their similarities begin with their appearance. They are both young, attractive females with short blonde hair. Kirby's is a lot shorter than Casey's, but it works. They are both film buffs. Kirby is seen at the Cinema Club meeting where Sidney and Gale are invited to speak. She also speaks about film throughout the movie, and she knows her stuff. They both like horror movies. Kirby is particular passionate about them, and has seen them all.

The death scene is where their similarities strike gold for me. Charlie Walker is tied to a chair outside of Kirby's house. To save him, Kirby has to answer film trivia questions. This is exactly what happened to Casey and her boyfriend, Steve. Kirby thinks she wins the game, and runs out the door to untie Charlie, only to find out he is the killer, and be stabbed by him. Casey saw the face of her killer, as well.

With how fast the camera cuts away, it's hard to tell if Kirby really died. We'll have to wait for the fifth installment of the series to see.