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Wings debuted on July 31st, 2010 with Breathe Drew, my Drew Barrymore site. It was made as a section of Breathe Drew, and was intended to be experienced with my Drew Barrymore site. Recently, in May of 2013, I decided to make this "section" be able to stand on its own as a site since I noticed people linking it. It's still very much apart of my Drew Barrymore network (if you will), and is best experienced with Breathe Drew, but at least now visitors have a choice. If you didn't get here from Breathe Drew, you might want to check it out next. It has another character site like this one, film reviews, and information on the actress behind Danielle.

Breathe Drew

Wings is © Todd Whittaker 2010-present, and is part of the Breathe Drew and Nightbringer Networks. As of September 30, 2014, it is additionally part of Shimmer, my fanlistings collective, as the approved Danielle de Barbarac fanlisting. Lots of thanks to Kristina, the previous owner, for her general support and encouragement regarding the fanlisting. :)

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Affiliation is open for related sites and fanlistings. Hit me up if you are interested!

DornenkaefigDornenkaefig is a tribute to Friederike from the manga Ludwig Revolution, a character who embodies Sleeping Beauty in a reimagining of the classic fairy tale. My friend Lethe runs the shrine, and we look for any probable reason to affiliate our sites. Both of our sites being dedicated to iconic characters in retellings of fairy tales was good enough for us. In all seriousness, Lethe's shrine is a great read, and provides a great introduction to a series anyone interested in classic fairy tales might be interested in.

Scary MovieI hope it's not weird to affiliate with myself. :P Scary Movie is a tribute to another of my favorite Drew Barrymore roles, the iconic character, Casey Becker from Scream. With a screen time of just a little over ten minutes, it was difficult but really fun to analyze this character.

 Casey Becker (Scream) Costumes of Ever After Drew Barrymore Ever After